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Jordon Hill


Bruce Wayne and Mayor Hill


Joker dressed as Jekko the Clown

         Season 1 Episode 9                                                 The episode begins with Mayor Hill at the opening of Gotham Acres. During his speech a high speed chase ends up at Gotham Acres. When the car crashes men get out and start shooting machine guns. Then Batman  arrives and stops them. Batman then runs off and Summer Gleeson runs up to Mayor Hill. Mayor Hill then says to the reporter that he plans to make all of Gotham as safe as his mansion. At that moment Joker is watching the news and Joker says "lets just see how safe your mansion is." The next day Mayor Hill is throwing his son Jordon a birthday party. As the party is starting Mayor Hill gets his son Jordan. However, Jordan was busy putting on a magic show for his stuffed animals. When Mayor Hill goes up to his room Mayor says to go down stairs. Jordan dose not want to but Mayor Hill makes him. A few moments later a clown hired by Mayor Hill named Jekko arrives. The children then gather around to watch Jekko. At the end of his show Jekko walks over to the cake and puts a candle on it and leaves the mansion. When Bruce Wayne looks at the cake he notices the candle is really a stick of dynamite with the Jokers face on it. Bruce then pushes the cake into the pool and it explodes. As the police investigate Bruce and Mayor Hill discover Jordan is missing. Jordan is hidden in Jekko's van and they go to an abbandoned carnival. When Jekko (who is really Joker) discovers Jordan he decides to make Jordan his magic apprentice. Batman then manages to track Jordan to the carnival. Jekko then walks up and starts throwing razor sharp playing cards at Batman. Joker then uses knockout gas on Batman and the Dark Knight goes to sleep. Later Batman woke up in a water tank about to drowned. When Batman could not break free Jordan run up with an ax and tried to free Batman but was stopped by Jekko. this was when Jekko reaveled that he was really the Joker. Jordon then ran away and Joker followed him. At that moment Batman broke free. To get away from Batman, Joker and Jordon got on a rollercoaster. However Batman got on to. Joker then started to throw explosive baby dolls at Batman. Batman managed to avoid them and climb to the front car. As he fought Batman, Joker fell to the waters below. The episode ends with Batman returning Jordan to Mayor Hill.  


Batman fighting Joker