Diane Michelle the voice of Candice

Candice was the seductive secretary of the Gotham crime lord Rupert Thorne. Thorne at one time had Candice spy on Harvey Dent. Candice soon found out that Harvey had a bipolar disorder and stole a file on him from his psychiatrist's office which Thorne used to blackmail Harvey. When Dent rose to power in the Gotham underworld as Two-Face, Candice kept a close eye on him. Candice then dressed up as a detective and tricked Grace Lamont into telling them where Harvey was. When she tried to hit Two-Face over the head with a flower pot Grace threw her against a wall which knocked her out. She was arrested soon after. Candice also served as Thorne's liaison with Bane. Thorne had hired Bane to kill Batman. She had figured out that she was to smart to be an underling and tried to seduce Bane into killing her boss. After Bane was defeated Batman went to see Thorne and gave him and audio tape of Candice trying to suduce Bane into killing Thorne. As Batman left, Candice was last seen recoiling as Thorne shouted at her. Although her fate after this was never revealed on screen it is possible Thorne killed her.