Commissioner Gordon from Batman : The Animated Series, Batman : Mask of the Phantasm and Batman & Mr. Freeze SubZero


Commissioner Gordon from The New Batman Adventures, Static Shock, Superman : The Animated Series & Batman : Mystery of the Batwoman


Commissioner Gordon from Gotham Girls

James "Jim" Gordon is the Gotham City police commissioner and the father of Barbara Gordon. Batman once described himself as the night shift and said that Gordon and his officers were the real heroes because they protected Gotham twenty four hours a day. James Gordon was unique among Gotham's civic leaders because he would defend Batman even during times when the Dark Knight had been framed by such criminals as Man - Bat and the Phantasm. After the deaths of John and Mary Grayson, Gordon placed a young Dick Grayson into Bruce Waynes costody. Over the years Batman and Gordon developed great respect for each other and both believed Gotham would fall apart without the other. Dispite their mutual respect Gordon would become annoyed at Batmans habit of dissappearing during their conversations. Once HARDAC replaced Gordon with a robot. Commissioner Gordon was also shot by Jimmy "the Jazzman" Peake and nearly died. During this time Batman revealed that he thought of Jim Gordon as a father figure much like Alfred. At one time Gordon was framed by Two - Face for accepting bribes from Rupert Thorne and was arrested. Two - Face did this because he wanted Gil Mason to take control of the police department. Batman cleared his name and both Gil and Two - Face were arrested. Another time Batgirl died and Gordon blamed Batman for his daughters death and ordered the GCPD to hunt down Batman who he learned was Bruce Wayne. However this turned out to be Barbara Gordon's worst fear made real by the Scarecrow using his Fear Gas. Gordon served the police department well until his death. In the future his daughter Barbara Gordon became the new police commissioner.           


A young James Gordon with red hair as seen in the episode Robin's Reckoning


Bob Hastings the voice of Commissioner Gordon