Murphy Cross the voice of Grace Lamont

Grace Lamont was Harvey Dent's fianc'ee. She supported him in his reelection campaign and in his strugle against Big Bat Harv. When Harvey was scared she went to visit him at the hospital and fainted when she saw his scared face. Six months later Grace was visited by Rupert Thorne's secretary Candice who was posing as a GCPD detective named Leopold. Candice told Grace that the police wanted to find Two-Face so they could protect him. But the truth was that her boss Rupert Thorne wanted to kill Two-Face. Two-Face then contacted Grace and she alerted Candice who she thought was a detective. A few moments after Grace met up with Harvey, Rupert Thorne and his men stormed in. Thorne wanted a file Two-Face had stolen which had incriminating evidence against Thorn in it. At first Two-Face refused to give it to him but Thorne threatened to hurt Candice so Two-Face was forced to give it to him. Thorne then ordered his men to kill Grace and Two-Face, but at that moment Batman came in and saved them. When Two-Face was about to kill Thorne, Grace tried to talk him down to no affect. Two-Face was about to flip his coin when Batman threw a case of silver dollars at him. Unable to find his coin Two-Face broke down and Grace comforted him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Notes                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Her name is likely a tribute to Gilda Grace Dent, the name of Harvey's  wife from the comics.