Harvey Bullock from Batman : The Animated Series, Batman : Mask of the Phantasm and Batman & Mr. Freeze : SubZero

Harvey Bullock started as a beat cop for the Gotham City Police Department. One time he and his partner Jonesy witnessed a masked man who would later become Batman. Years later Bullock was assigned to the crime sceen of the murder of John and Mary Grayson. Bullock was then promoted to detective and transfered to Vice. Because of his actions and how he handled criminals Internal Affairs began to investagate him. Dispite Internal Affairs Bullock was able to make it to the Special Crimes Unit. Bullock believed catching criminals was a cops job and for that reason did not trust Batman. However Bullock did start to trust the Dark Knight over time. Once death threats were being made against Bullock so he asked Batman for help because he did not want the police involved because of his checkard past. Bullock was partnered with Renee Montoya and after she became a detective he was partnered with Sonia Alcana. Once Bullock was framed by Killer Croc because he had arrested Croc years earlier and Batman proved his innocence. 

Harvey Bullock from The New Batman Adventures, Static Shock, Superman : The Animated Series & Batman : Mystery of the Batwoman


Robert Costanzo the voice of Harvey Bullock