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Captain Clown

Trash boat

Trash boat used by Joker to spread his laughing gas around the city.

Batman You Wouldn't Let Me Fry Would You

Batman You Wouldn't Let Me Fry Would You

Season 1 Episode 4                                                                                                                                                                      Its April Fools Day in Gotham and the Joker is out of Arkham. As a boat floats down the river the fumes from the trash make wveryone laugh like fools. A man driving an armored truck loses control and the truck crashes into the water. At Wayne Manor, Alfred tells Bruce he has drawn him a bath but when Bruce walks over to the tub its empty. Alfred then looks at Bruce and says April Fools. Bruce didn't laugh and Alfred claims that Bruce dosen't have a funny bone in his entire body. Alfred then turns on the radio and a report says that police are investigating why people are acting like total laughing fools. Alfred thinks its just a bad April Fools joke but Bruce Wayne replied "it sounds like the Joker." At that time Joker's men were stealing money from the armored truck that landed in the water earlier. The gas reaches Gotham's financial district and Joker goes on a crime spree. The gas also reaches Wayne Manor and Alfred gets exposed to it. After a short time Batman tracks down the Joker. He fights Joker's thugs but is taked down. Batman is then locked in a metal trashcan with holes in it and is thrown into the river by Captain Clown (Joker's robitic captain for his boat). Batman would have drowned but he used his remote control control for the  Batboat and had it shoot a laser at the trash can to get him out. Batman then tracks Joker to the Ace Chemical Plant and has one final battle with Captain Clown and the other two thugs working for Joker. Captain Clown was the hardest to beat but Batman made him trip into a trash compacter and it crushed the robot. Because Batman "killed Captain Clown" Joker dropped trash on Batman using a crain. After Batman gets free he follows Joker into the trash annihilator and swings across a fire used to burn the trash. when Joker throws a razor sharp playing card  at Batman he catches it. As Joker tries to get away he trips and almost lands in a fire pit. Joker was then returned to Arkham. The episode ends with Alfred upset about breaking a ming vase while he was exposed to the laughing gas. Bruce then tells Alfred he'll just have to take it out of his check the next couple of years. alfred getsa even more upset then Bruce says April Fools and starts laughing.