Wayne Enterprises building

Wayne Enterprises was started by Thomas Wayne. He ran the company for years until his death. After Thomas Wayne died it is unknown who ran the company because Bruce Wayne did not take control of the company until he was at least eighteen. Once Bruce returned to Gotham he started to run Wayne Enterprises and hired Lucius Fox to run the company with him. Wayne Enterprises was creating technology to make peoples lives better. Once Wayne Enterprises partnered with LexCorp but Bruce terminated their partnership when Lex Luthor violated their contract. Wayne Enterprises also avoided a hostel takeover from Roland Dagget the CEO of Gagget Industries. Bruce kept control of the company until its takeover by Derek Powers who renamed the company Wayne - Powers Enterprises. When Derek Powers was revealed to be a criminal he became a fugitive from the law and his son Paxton took over. When Paxton was discovered to be working with the Royal Flush Gang he was arrested and Bruce bought enough shares of the company to regain control.